News - February 2015

11.02.2015 - RELYonIT paper wins the best paper award at EWSN 2015!

The paper "Detecting and Avoiding Multiple Sources of Interference in the 2.4 GHz Spectrum", presenting SpeckSense, an interference detector that distinguishes between different types of interference using a unsupervised learning technique, has been awarded the best paper award at EWSN 2015!


01.02.2015 - RELYonIT final integrated experiment successfully completed!

Our integrated experiment demonstrated the the RELYonIT system provides a communication performance within the bounds of the requirements of the tested use cases. In the interference-heavy Barcelona deployment, we achieved an idle listening duty cycle of 1.42%, which is close to the 1.38% 'could' target, leading to a lifetime of approximately 18 months. With further optimization based on the experience of this integrated experiment, it would be simple to reduce the communication cost further, for instance by reducing the frequency of diagnostic messages that are superfluous to the operation of the parking application itself.

At the DEMOPARK facility in Madrid, where high temperature variations were recorded, we were able to correctly predict and mitigate the impact of temperature variations on communication performance.
In particular, we sustained a packet reception ratio higher than 95% and we were hence able to meet not only the minimal performance requirements for our application scenario, but also the desired ones.

The completion of the final integrated experiment has been convered by the following media:



Demonstration Environment for the ACCIONA Use Case.
Demonstration Environment for the WorldSensing Use Case.